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Came across this song by Ohyama Yurika last Saturday night. And yesterday, I was the proud owner of 2 albums and 1 mini-album.

Fell in love with her well-controlled voice, especially in the high octaves, as well as her several distinctly Okinawa-styled songs.

She's apparently on hiatus since 2009, although she released an album of covers of Japanese folksongs this year under a different label. Her bio under the new label states that she has since moved to Okinawa and will continue to make music in a more relaxed manner.

That's all well and good, but I hope she doesn't get too relaxed till we only get one album a year. lol


Here's another song of hers which I like alot, although most of her songs are hard to find on Youtube since she isn't that popular with the international audience.

First Teacher's Day

Today was my first Teacher's Day as a teacher. To be truthful, I think I received a lot more gifts than expected.

A lot of them were useful as lunch because I'm staying back to get some marking done. lol

The most psychic gift was from my form class chairperson and her friend: a pair of earphones. Most surprising because my earphones just died yesterday and I was intending to buy a replacement today. Must remember to check out the price of the earphones later and ask them not to get such an expensive gift next time.

The most "awwwww" gift was from a kid in my 1NT class. I was teaching them at the spice garden yesterday and let them go off for recess a bit early. He told me to wait, rushed to the bookshop (which was in plain sight), got a small flower and gave it to me. So cute!

The most touching gifts were from two classes I'm not currently teaching. One was from last semester, and one was a class I taught last year during my practicum! To think I only saw them for 5 weeks last year and they still bothered to give me something.

These kids are really full of surprises. It almost makes all the daily blood vomiting worthwhile. lol

Lies and Accusations


It's not everyday you see two books with opposing viewpoints, with one blatantly accusing the other, being placed side-by-side in a bookstore.

Fever Dream


Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child's new book is out! 

It's the hard-cover edition though, so I decided to pass on it since I have tons of other books to finish reading, including 「偽物語」which I haven't even touched. 

I'm sure by the time I am done, a paperback version will be out and I can enjoy a new story on Agent Pendergast!

I read therefore I am

Everytime I browse books in Kinokuniya and see books I am interested in, I always tell myself I would only buy them when the 20% discount is on, knowing fully that I most probably won't even be aware of it since I don't read 8 days or the Straits Times, where the discount coupons are advertised on.

So when I saw the 20% discount promotion for members, I thought "what the heck", grabbed the application form and started filling it up in the store. I got a shock when I went to pay for the membership at the Customer Service counter; there was a queue!

A queue to sign up for Kinokuniya membership! I don't think I have ever seen that in my life. lol

To cut a long story short, I am now a happy owner of the Kinokuniya membership card, and a pile of books that should be enough to last me for quite some time. =D


I've got this song stuck in my head ever since the first rehearsal for Aesthetic Night. It's a shame I can't find the second piece played by our Symphonic Band on youtube. There was a video of Riverside Sec's (omg rival schoolz) band performing that piece, but it was taken down by youtube due to copyright violations.

Brings me back to those days I was in band, even though I was pretty bad at it LOL.

輝く人 (春うた2010)

Second public performance of Angie's new song prior to the release of her singles next month. I had the privilege of listening to the debut performance in her concert. XD

It's so awesome! Her first guitar-based song!

Common Sense 101

It was raining, and I was doing work when I heard a bunch of people screaming outside the window.

I looked out, and there was a group of schoolgirls screaming their lungs out and trying to shield themselves against the rain with their school bags.

The bizarre thing is, none of them were walking in a hurried pace, nor did they make an attempt to dash towards the nearest shelter.

So I stood there and pondered. WTF.


For once, Amazon JP's spam mail has something relevant for me. I saw this book and immediately rushed down to Kino to get it.

So now I'm a proud owner of this awesome book! From what little I have read, it's still as funny as ever. It also touches on some interesting trivial. Like do you know that 青い was actually used to describe a group of colours, including green? That is why the green traffic signal is described as 青い even though its blue.

And 緑 is used to describe "young" or "new bloom", so a newborn baby 赤ちゃ can be called みどり児. So interesting!

I hope a book 2 means the authors are going to continue writing. Will be keeping an eye out for their work!

Fuwafuwari fuwafuwaru~

「恋愛サーキュレーション」is the fourth opening song of "Bakemonogatari". I've always found the first line in the chorus to be unique, because it is so cute and fits Sengoku Nadeko as a character very well. In fact, I have always wondered how that line would have sounded if it was done by other voice actresses/actors.

As they say, be careful what you wish for, for you might get it. Behold, how something like this:

... mutates into something like this:
(I have to admit I lol-ed at the first "fuwafuwari fuwafuwaru". It's just plain wrong for a guy to sing that.)

And worse still, Donald Duck joins the fray:

But then there's always some shota power to make it all well. Kazummmmaaaaaa