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Was watching today's episode of Kamen Rider W today and thought I recognize the location they were filming from. I visited that area in December last year and took some photos, so I went to dig up the (yet to be organised) photos for a comparison shot.

And behold:

From Drop Box

Screencap from episode

From Drop Box

Photo I took

It's Odaiba! I went there to ride the ferris wheel and onsen. You can see the ferris wheel in the screencap below.

From Drop Box

When I went there I didn't know Odaiba was also a resedential area. The place was so peaceful, the streets were so clean, I wish I could live there! It's next to a beach too! Just seeing this place again makes me miss Tokyo. I've always said I want to visit other areas in Japan since I've went to Tokyo before, but now I kinda miss that place. It's as if I left a part of me in Tokyo after I put in so much effort into finding my way around.

I want to go back again!


nagi is singing supercell's second singles! I hope she go on to become their resident vocalist; ryo's compositions suit her voice.

This PV is weird because nagi is not the one singing, and I doubt ryo is playing any of the instruments in the band featured in the video. Oh well, supercell is a weird band, if it can be classified as band, since ryo is the only one out of 11 members who is doing the music.

Although the girl can't act (it is so obvious she is lip syncing), she makes a good vase and a good mental image of what nagi looks like. :p

I like how they projected images on the classroom walls and make the images fall away. But I really wonder if the images are real projections, or just CG, especially the scene where sakura in full bloom is projected onto the school with such perfection.

Trival: The girl is dressed like how she is drawn on the CD jacket by supercell's illustrators.


Apparantly this question appeared in JLPT 1's listening comprehension this year. It's really cool, but I'm pretty sure this question will kill people who don't watch anime. 四号機 and 零号機 will be "WTF IS THAT" to them.

Here's the transcript:


















I am listening to a radio drama.

Question: Who took what action in the show?

"Captain, the gigantic monster has broken through our second defense line. It's heading straight for the Central Control System. At this rate, we won't even be able to hold for 30 minutes."

"Which Mobile Fighters are operational at this point?"

"Only Unit 0."

"We have no choice. Launch Unit 4."

"But sir, Unit 4's tests are still incomplete. There's also no pilot who can control it."

"Unit 0 won't be able to stop the invasion. I'll go."

"You're going to sortie, Captain?! But with those injuries you won't be able to withstand the acceleration of Unit 4."

"I'll go."


"I'll pilot Unit 4. Please, grant me permission to launch."

"But you're still in training. This is no place for a child such as yourself."

"This isn't the time for saying such things!"

"Oi! Asuka! Wait!"

Launch preparations for Unit 4 are complete.

"Asuka, I'm counting on you."

Question: Who took what action in the show?

1) The captain launched in Unit 0.

2) The captain launched in Unit 4.

3) The woman launched in Unit 0.

4) The woman launched in Unit 4.

EDIT: Now with audio with credits to sakura_no_kage


Ah the wonders of Youtube. I actually managed to dig up a Fanta commercial I didn't know about. Behold, 3年X組!

Descent of the 8th Angel

If you're one of those who didn't catch Evangelion 2.0 in Cathay, here's a segment of awesomeness that you missed. Needless to say, it contains spoilers.

Actually I'm posting this because I love the BGM in the first part. If I'm not wrong, its a new composition (ie, not an arranged track from the original series) and it just keeps on playing in my head. It doesn't help that the scene accompanying it is so breathtaking.

Here's the track in question: 2EM15_0938"Destiny"

Do yourself a favor and go catch this movie, if you haven't done so already. Beautiful visuals, haunting tunes, surprising development of key characters, tight pacing and a departure from the TV series right off the bat. Anime just can't get any better than this.

I r smart

I'm sure guys would have seen one of those water-saving urinals that uses biotechnology instead of water to "clean up" liquid waste. I've always been curious about how it's done exactly, but apparantly it's a trade secret or something, and all I've found was that microbes are used (obviously) to clean up uric acid (well, duh). You don't need a Ph.D to guess that much.

So, anyway, I overheard this conversation yesterday:

Guy A sees the "biotech urinal".
Guy A: Hey dude, I think I know how this thing works.

Guy B: Really? How?

Guy A: *sounding very smart* It's fermentation.


Modern Warfare 2 pew pew pew

Unethical is what you call a retailer when they put a "NEW GAME" tag on "COD: World at War" when "Modern Warfare 2" just launched yesterday.

On a related note, I wanna play Modern Warfare 2, but it's so expensiveeeee.

Awesome water fountain

This is so awesome! I can totally understand why those people are ooh-ing and wuu-ing behind the camera.

Stole this from Jimmy's facebook.

My Keys PLUS 2009

My application for Angela Aki's LIVE at Budokan at the end of the year was successful! Yay! I didn't join the fanclub for nothing. I just hope nothing goes wrong, like credit card not being accepted or stuff like that.

Now to settle cheap air tickets (though being December, I'm expecting to be ripped off) and ryokan and the trip should be confirmed.

This is so exciting. It'll be a reward for myself for completing the FYP in November. =D

Thanks to Fumi for helping me out with this. =D


Bought this book last week at Kino:

title or description

The reason being, I couldn't stop laughing while I was browsing through it in the new books section. This book is about a Japanese language teacher in Japan, and the funny stories of her students struggling with the language.

Needless to say, it was written for readers who are are native Japanese. But I can relate to it because I'm one of those struggling with the language! In fact, I think even native Japanese can learn something from this book, particularly the parts on 敬語 (my worst enemy) and the difference between 「お」 and 「を」.

The two examples below are some of the comics that tickled me most. First one can't be translated because you need to know the grammar involved to get it.

title or description

title or description

Nagiko-sensei: Kim-san, you've made a lot of mistakes in your homework. You've always been doing well. Is there something wrong?
Kim: .....
Kim: This homework was done by my Japanese friend...